Methodology of the Social Sciences

Theory and Methodology in Social Science Research (6001GIR)
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This timely book inspires researchers to deploy relevant, effective, innovative digital methods. It explores the relationship of such methods to 'mainstream' social science; interdisciplinarity; innovations in digital research tools; the opportunities and challenges of digital methods in researching social life; and digital research ethics.

Methodology for the Social Sciences

This exciting text brings a welcome critical edge to discussions of digital methods, showcasing the work of new and more established researchers, and making important connections between academic disciplines. The contributions will be of great value to students wanting to learn about the full range of methods now available to them as well as more established colleagues who are unsure about how to integrate digital methods into their existing research repertoires.

It identifies the issues of using digital methods within a broad range of social science methods and in so doing shows how digital methods can contribute to the research questions that social scientists ask. Show all.

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WA101 - Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences

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Triangulation (social science)

PAGE 1. Max Weber wrote these methodological essays in the closest intimacy with actual research and against a background of constant and intensive meditation on substantive problems in the theory and strategy of the social sciences. They were written between and , the most productive of Max Weber's life, when he was working on his studies in the sociology of religion and Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft.


The problems of the empirical disciplines are, of course, to be solved "non-evaluatively. When, for example, a statistical analysis is made of the number of "arithmetical errors" in a certain group of calculations — which can indeed have a scien- tific meaning — the basic propositions of the multiplication table are valid for the investigator in two quite different senses. It is nothing more than this. Max Weber argued for value-free sociology and urged researchers to contribute information free from subjective opinions Mouton and Marais ; Weber But whether this readjustment should take place and what should be the practical conclusions to be drawn there- from is not answerable by empirical science — in fact it can not be answered by any science whatsoever. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The implications of the postulate of "justice" cannot be decided unambiguously by any ethic.

Weber had done important work in economic and legal history and had taught economic theory. On the basis of original investigations, he had acquired a specialist's knowledge of the details of German economic and social structure.


come to the methodology of the social sciences as an outsider who seeks to impose standards on practices and problems of which he is ignorant. The interest . Methodology of Social Sciences: Max Weber. Front Cover. Henry A. Finch. Transaction Publishers, Dec 31, - Social Science - pages. 0 Reviews.

His always vital concern for the political prosperity of Germany among the nations thrust him deeply into discussion of political ideals and programs. Weber's methodology still holds interest for us. Some of its shortcomings, from the contemporary viewpoint, may be attributed to the fact that some of the methodological problems that he treated could not be satisfactorily resolved prior to certain actual developments in research technique.

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