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In brief: B vitamins and homocysteine
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Effects of glutathione precursors on human immunodeficiency virus replication.

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Chemical Biological Interactions. June ; volume 91, numbers , pages Balzarini J. Synthesis and antiviral activity of some new S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine derivatives.

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Some manufacturers now provide blood collection vacutainers, which contain a stabiliser solution that can help delay the urgent need for centrifugation. Moore et al. Where are the hidden sugars? Insomnia About insomnia Action plan for insomnia Do you need help? Gut disorders are more prevalent in children with developmental disorders

February 1, ; volume , number 4, pages Remacha A. Vitamin B abnormalities in HIV-infected patients. European Journal of Haematology.

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Acta Biochim Pol. ;60(2) Epub Jun 6. A focus on homocysteine in autism. Kałużna-Czaplińska J(1), Żurawicz E, Michalska M, Rynkowski J. A focus on homocysteine in autism. Joanna Kałużna-Czaplińska✉, Ewa Żurawicz , Monika Michalska and Jacek Rynkowski. Institute of General and Ecological.

July ; volume 47, number 1, pages Description During the last years the research on homocysteine has become very active. Hundreds of articles are now published each year.


A disturbed homocysteine metabolism can be an underlying factor for pregnancy complications and fetal malformations, cardiovascular disease, dementia, psychiatric and neurologic disorders and possibly carcinogenesis. Many of these findings therefore directly concern most practitioners.

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However, if there are good reviews covering single aspects of this research, these are published in specialized journals. The author has realized the difficulties for the practitioner in keeping updated. Product details Format Paperback 80 pages Dimensions Homocysteine is an amino acid, which plays several important roles in human physiology. A wide range of disorders, including neuropsychiatric disorders and autism, are associated with increased homocysteine levels in biological fluids. Various B vitamins: B6 pyridoxine , B12 cobalamin , and B9 folic acid are required as co-factors by the enzymes involved in homocysteine metabolism.

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Therefore, monitoring of homocysteine levels in body fluids of autistic children can provide information on genetic and physiological diseases, improper lifestyle including dietary habits , as well as a variety of pathological conditions. This review presents information on homocysteine metabolism, determination of homocysteine in biological fluids, and shows abnormalities in the levels of homocysteine in the body fluids of autistic children.

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A focus on homocysteine in autism.

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