Quantum Mechanics: Genesis and Achievements

Quantum Mechanics: Genesis and Achievements
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Also, because we think, because we are self aware, we seek the meaning of our existence. If we are merely accidents, simple chemical functions that follow the rules of science with no inherent value or direction, the search for meaning or the foundation for the rules of a good society are pointless. There are no ultimate answers; there is no foundation for morality. The world is governed simply by survival of the fittest and there are no consequences for our behavior other than what is immediate.

Anything goes, the strongest wins. All the things we value-fairness, freedom, justice, morality-only have value because we have decided they have value. If we decide otherwise, thats okay because the new morals and ideals will have no more intrinsic value than did the old. Western democracies and brutal tyrannies are morally equal. Mother Theresa and Ted Bundy are morally equivalent. They just chose a different morality. I don t think any of us want to live in such a world. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics So what is left?

The Chumash 3 makes an interesting observation here. It gives this possible translation. The world was created for the sake of the things that are called beginning. This idea places purpose back into creation. Not only that, but it gives intrinsic value to everything in it. As we stated earlier, everything is made of the stuff of God, everything has a small part of the infinite within it. That being true, you and I become the center of the universe. That may sound egotistical but if the universe is infinite, every spot within it is the center.

If all is made of the infinite, we are all share equally in that infinite quality and substance and we each have the value that reality entails. Everything in the world, including people, has value because of what they are and not because of what they can do. We have intrinsic value, not utilitarian value. And because of the intrinsic value of all things, because it is all made of the stuff of God, everything has purpose and direction, the universe unfolds in an orderly way. It is not a series of accidents but the result of intelligence. Not the intelligence of personality and will, but of law and purpose.

We will define this intelligence, purpose and the values it creates in later verses. One final point before we leave this subject. This idea of the unity of all things is not just philosophy or metaphysics; it is a crucial part of Quantum theory. Henry Stapp said that the physical world is not a structure built out of independently existing unanalyizable entities, but rather a web of relationships between elements whose meanings arise wholly from their relationships to the whole.

Everything relates to and affects everything else. This idea 3. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics is related to the Butterfly Effect, the idea that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly in China can give birth to a hurricane in the Caribbean. Thats a demonstration of how things connect on a natural level but we know our own lives are changed every moment by choices made not only by ourselves but by the billions of others on the planet.

Every action, every word, has an effect on the unfolding of the history of the planet and we may never know ninety-nine percent of those consequences. We know the good stories, like a teacher who gave a word of encouragement at the right time and turned a student around who later made a big impact. But what about the actions that shaped monsters like Hitler or Bundy. Billions of moments, each shaped by millions of people all interconnected to lead us to where we are now.

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All things interconnected within the whole of Ayn Soph. Not random at all but intelligent and purposeful. Again, we will define those things as we move along, for now, back to our translation. Because this verse is a summary verse covering all of creation, we cannot separate the Elohim, the sky and the land. Since all of the created order is Elohim, including the sky and the land, all are a small part of the infinity that is Ayn Soph. We have chosen to use the simple sky and land rather than the usual heavens and earth because the ancient peoples were more simplistic and concrete in their understanding of the universe and by using simple terms we are trying to recapture that flavor.

For those that know some of the Kabalistic view of God and the universe, the head of the Seferotic Tree is represented here. Elohim or Yshua , the son, being the first to emanate from Ayn Soph, or in the language of the New Testament, the firstborn of creation, is the original force of separation of all that is the creation. The first three days of the creation story are the. The second three days are the filling up of these things. The rest of the story will explain how all these things are filled up.

The word bara is usually translated as create but is better translated as fattened or filled up. Notice an important ramification of this translation. The powers, the sky and the land are not created ex nihilo as is commonly understood. The Elohim, the sky and the land already exist and the creation story speaks of their separating and filling or fattening. This agrees with one of the fundamental ideas given us by Albert Einstein. Energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy. It is eternal and in our verse and present epoch it is combined in a way that makes the world recognizable to us.

In other ages past they may have been combined differently and, even now, new combinations create different things. While eastern philosophy has understood this interrelationship of all things, it is not something integral to the western worldview. Another crucial element in Biblical understanding that is lost in our western worldview is our view of time. In the western worldview time is linear. There was a beginning and there will be an end. The beginning is described in Gen and before that there was nothing.

Time marches forward to the conclusion of history. The eastern worldview of time, and the Biblical one I might add, is circular. History does not have a beginning and end, the world is not described as having a beginning and end. Moshe has much more in. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics common with Hindu and Chinese philosophy and worldview than that of Plato and Aristotles western world.

For the individual who believes in the Bible and respects a scientific understanding of the world, this way of looking at time brings harmony, which is usually the result of moving away from a dualistic western mindset. For example, the age of the dinosaurs and the ice age all could have happened during previous cycles of time. This eliminates the conundrum that fundamentalists get themselves into.

To a fundamentalist, western oriented bible scholar, the earth cannot be very old. They find themselves arguing with the current scientific paradigm which says the world is billions of years old. But both the Christian and the scientist are arguing from the same western worldview where time is concerned. Both, however, need to ignore some of the evidence in order to make their idea of the origins of the universe and the world work.

The Biblical scholar needs to ignore the scientific support for an uniformitarian view of the world, a view that says the forces that shape the world today are basically the same as they were in the past. This leads to the formation of sedimentary rock or the erosion of mountains that make the Appalachians different from the Rockies. The scientist however, needs to ignore evidence like the presence of humans and dinosaurs together in the fossil record, that cataclysms have had a part in shaping the world, and the preposterous notion that random mutation is solely responsible for the creation of the great variety of life on the planet.

The Bible itself presents a circular view of time. There is nothing new under the sun The circular nature of time is obvious in the march of the seasons and years, the sabbatical and jubilee cycles. The Book of Judges presents a microcosm of the circular view of the history of man, both in an individual and a corporate sense.

A circle of repentance, righteousness, backsliding, wickedness and judgment,. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics leading to repentance. Now let us look at the larger picture. The Bible presents at least four cycles of creation and destruction. The first is from Genesis One to the fall of man, the second is from Genesis three to Noah, the third from Noah to the return of Messiah and the fourth from His return to the recreation of the heavens and the earth. Who can say that there were not an infinite number of these cycles before Genesis and who can say there will not be more after the close of Revelation?

As stated previously, Genesis does not speak of the creating of the sky and the land, but their being filled up. Also, the new sky and land the prophets speak of are the renewing5 of the sky and land. We also know that according to the cycles described in the Bible, there are things and people that survive from one cycle to the next. It could very well be that the salvation described in the Bible is the ability to move on to the next cycle just as Noah did and those who live through the wrath of God will.

Within this universal cycle is the solar cycle in which stars and planets live and die. Within the solar cycle are planetary cycles including those of our planet where things are created and destroyed over thousands of years down to the yearly cycle of seedtime and harvest and the daily cycle of night and day. The land, she existed empty and unfilled.

One of the problems with the translation of Hebrew is that often the definitions are It is our intention to try to be as true to the ancient meaning and understanding of the words as possible, utilizing the ancient pictographs as well as the historical and cultural setting. In addition, we will attempt to give the words concrete meaning whenever possible since the Hebrews thought in concrete terms rather than in the abstract. The verb hayah presents our first real challenge in this area.

It is translated a multitude of ways throughout the Bible. Its meaning has to do with the essence of being and existence, something that has life that breathes. In this case, we translated it existed6. In other words, the earth has being, an idea reinforced by the use of the proper translation of the pronouns. In this case the earth, she, was empty and unfilled. It is almost a sad situation and makes us look forward to the correction of the earths sorry state, the healing of her depression. Water and chaos will be paralleled many times in this translation, in keeping with the poetic style of the passage, something often lost in the western translations.

In this verse it is also analogous to the 6. A few Hebrew verbs are used in a very generic sense such as with the verb hayah, literally meaning to exist but can be used in a wi de range of applications. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics deep. To the ancient Hebrews, water, or specifically, the sea, was considered chaotic and unknown. We have translated the more common darkness as chaos because it more accurately describes the situation before creation.

The powers and all of the raw materials for the world as we know it were all jumbled together in chaos. It was as if there were light atoms and dark atoms all mixed together and the Elohim powers were both. I Kings says that Elohim lives in a dark cloud and Isaiah tells us that God created the darkness and the light, good and evil.

We often dont like to think of God as being involved with things we consider negative but there is nothing that is outside of God, or outside of Ayn Soph. Without the evil, we would not know the good. Without chaos we would not know order. Without darkness we couldnt appreciate the light. There is a branch of physics devoted to the study of chaos, perhaps you have heard of chaos theory. There have been some very interesting discoveries made within this arena. One of the most profound for the sake of our discussion is the discovery that the disorderly behavior of simple systems actually acted as a creative process.

We postulated above that light and dark were jumbled up in a chaotic state and that from this state order developed. Chaos theory has found that disorderly behavior generated complex, richly organized patterns, some of which were stable and some not, some that were finite and some that were not. Regardless of the outcome, they always developed with the fascination of living things. A Hebrew word usually translated as peace but, literally meaning whole and complete. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics discovery is beginning to flush out what we described earlier as the intelligence and purpose behind creation.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that complex systems will degenerate over time into their simplest components and even Newtons Law of Motion requires the constant application of energy to overcome the forces that would stop motion and development. But within quantum theory we have something very different. For a Creation Scientist, it is God who provides the outside force that overcomes Newtons Law and the Second Law of Thermodynamics to create complexity.

Quantum Theory states that the creative force exists within chaos itself. The chaos does not have to be acted upon. As an integral part of Ayn Soph it has the ability to act upon itself, to develop into more complex systems. The darkness is not, in this case, simply the absence of light.


The primary social unit was the family, immediate and extended. On your belly she will walk and the multitude you will eat all the days of your life. There is another application to Moshe. As the author states, the book is primarily intended for mathematicians interested in the logic of physical hypotheses based on experimental observation. Physicists like Paul Davies propose that the particles we talk about-photons, neutrons, electrons and the like, do not actually exist. This first unit covers an integral, affine meld of infinitesimal microcosm and infinite macrocosm. By virtue of space and Earth telescope searches, braced by instrumental and computational analysis, in the past years a grand new cosmos has been revealed that is filled with as many orbital planets as there are sunny stars.

This darkness has substance; it can be felt as was the darkness that came upon Egypt during the plagues9. The Torah10 says it could be felt, and not only that, it immobilized them. It is something piercing, painful, like the groping of a blind man. It was as if Moshe reached back through time and brought some of this completely unrefined chaos into the strict order that was Egypt. At this point in our story nothing is living or conscious. In Egypt, this chaos would have come into direct contact with the very ordered systems that are living things.

This would have been very painful, no doubt. The darkness is unutilized, potential energy as opposed to the light which is pure energy, substance being used. This true darkness can be felt as heaviness which is the glory of God. Kavod, a Hebrew word 9. Exodus A Hebrew word meaning teaching, often translated as law, referring to the laws of the first five books of Moshe. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics usually translated as glory, literally means something heavy. To experience the heaviness of God is to see him in his original, unrefined and potential state, the moment before being, before things were separated out.

No wonder Moshe could not experience Gods glory in its fullness, it was his heaviness. He would have been enveloped by it and returned to a state before his own being! But he did experience some of it. In order for that to happen we need to be stripped of the superfluous order we create for ourselves, our mental constructs of who we are, the I, the ego, the things that only have reality in our own thoughts.

Only stripped of our ego to our basic unrefined state can we experience the unrefined state of God. There is another application to Moshe. The word mosh means to feel, it is something tangible. We have just mentioned the ability to feel darkness or chaos. At the opposite end, we know we can experience order for we do so every day. Moshe represents the complete spectrum of chaos and order for he was enveloped in both. In Egypt he was surrounded by chaos. Although superficially Egypt was very ordered, it was an artificially imposed order that resulted in imbalance and chaos.

In the tent of meeting, he experienced complete order. In this case he may have experienced Gods kavod which we just described as chaos but it was in perfect balance and harmony. Moshe is the archetypical man, just as Avraham was. A mans duty is to leave the chaos and seek the order. The wind of the powers Elohim brooded over the creation like a mother hen broods over her nest of chicks. The picture is not of an all powerful being separate from creation putting it all together like a scientist doing an experiment.

It is more like a loving parent looking at a newborn baby and considering all the possibilities. The baby was created from its mother, it was. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics nourished from her very being, it is a part of her. Creation developed in the same way; it is the essence of Gods being. The Deep itself is an interesting thing. The word here is tahom. This word is used in conjunction with several others in the scriptures.

In Psalm it is paralleled with the tannim which is a monster of some sort, probably something reptilian. In Job , 13 this monster is both the nechash and rahav. In fact tahom, rahav, leviathan, tannanim and nechash are all used in parallel in the scriptures and are interchangeable. The roots of these words are tom, tan, chash, rav, and latan. Tan is to extend or stretch out. We know that rav is similar in meaning, something big.

The tannim could be describing a very large reptile.

Nima Arkani-Hamed Public Lecture: Quantum Mechanics and Spacetime in the 21st Century

Reptiles grow throughout their lives, hence the extending or stretching. It is interesting to note that in several ancient accounts of creation, the world was formed from a dead monster, often a dragon or snake, usually slain by one of the gods. The desire to put the abstract or unknowable into terms or stories that relate to our own experience is where such myths come from and is a fundamental drive of all peoples.

It is taking these creation stories and assuming that they describe reality that cause misunderstanding, create religion and lead to disharmony among people and between people and the world around them. Two more notes before we come back to our story. In Psalm rahav is used as a parallel to Babylon and in Isaiah it is paralleled with Egypt. These societies were identified with the chaos of creation and are used throughout the Bible when God wants to point out the opposite of what He desires. How does this relate to our story? Could it be that the world that preceded our creation account was so depraved it could be described this way?

Much as ancient cities were destroyed and new ones built on top, often from the rubble, perhaps the world as we know it, is formed from the rubble of a past. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics civilization so depraved it brought about the complete destruction of the known universe or at least the Earth. Have we come close? When the first atomic bomb was detonated, scientists werent sure what would happen and speculated on whether or not the atomic reaction started in the bomb would stop.

It was thought that there was a possibility the atmosphere could burn up or something else catastrophic would happen. Could we destroy our planet? The past says yes but we have control over the when. May leaders of wisdom and patience rise up in the future to protect us and our universe from the selfish greed that leads to destruction.

If not, there will be another civilization emerging from our chaos and wondering what happened before us? And he said, the Powers be revealed by the light, and the light illuminated. The he in the beginning of the sentence is Ayn Soph. We use he in translation rather than the more accurate it to be true to Hebrew pronoun utilization which, unlike Greek or English, does not have a neuter; it has no it. A simple explanation for the beginning here was that the first thing necessary was for Ayn Soph to see what it was doing.

It had to turn on the lights. It had to reveal the powers which will be divided into the sky and the land. The Hebrew word or means light which we shall parallel with, and sometimes translate as, order. The ancient pictograph for this word is where the represents strength and the represents the head, the beginning, combined these pictographs mean strong beginning. The jumbled up darkness, the unrealized potential, was beginning to be turned into energy. Ayn Soph is working and bringing order from the chaos. An expanded translation might say, And Ayn Soph said, let there be a light to reveal the Elohim, and the light revealed.

Chaos is nothing, it has no form and it is the light, the order that becomes something. We again have a form of our verb hayah which we translate as reveal and illuminate to reflect the Hebrew parallelism, a poetic form in which a phrase or word is repeated in a different way but with similar meaning. A similar poetic structure emerges as we examine the whole story of creation as it is written like a poem.

Quantum Mechanics: Genesis and Achievements

The separation of light and darkness on the first day parallels the creation of the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day. The separation of the waters and sky on the second day parallels the creation of the fish and birds on the fifth. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics day. The appearance of the land on the third day corresponds to the creation of the animals and man on the sixth day.

This parallelism is significant. The sky and the land correspond to their obvious partners, which means that the powers parallel the light which parallels the sun and to a lesser extent, the moon and the stars. The sun is a direct representation of Elohim. Malachi refers to the sun of righteousness in obvious reference to God.

There are other significant parallels between God and the sun. One cannot look directly at the sun just as one cannot look on the face of God and live Exodus We can only look at the reflection or effect. The moon is a reflection of the sun and the creation is a reflection of God. God is responsible for all things in existence just as the sun is responsible for maintaining life on earth. The ancients who engaged in sun worship failed to understand this important difference.

The sun may be Elohim but it is not to be worshipped. Even that may be a difficult statement for many readers to comprehend or accept, but that is because as western thinkers we maintain a dualist mindset which differentiates the spiritual from the physical. The ancients made no such distinction. The sun, the land, the sky, they are all Elohim both physical and spiritual yet to treat them as superior beings is to limit the true creative genius of the universe.

Ayn Soph cannot be defined or limited to one mode of representation. Idolatry does just that. It takes one characteristic or representation of the force of creation and makes it into an object of worship. It may be the sun, the moon or a tree, it may be another object or another Elohim of creation or it may even be a man whom the scriptures also refer to as Elohim, such as Moshe.

All are but parts of the whole and are an unworthy focus of worship and adoration. The Hebrew word for worship is avod and. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics literally means to serve. YHWH is the full representation of all the Elohim. We are to serve him, not the individual parts of Elohim. Lets go a little deeper. Light is used in the Bible many times in many ways. Its most significant use comes from its use as a substitute for God. As the scriptures say, God is Light Now when most western thinkers see that statement, we think that God is like light or light is like God or God emanates light.

This is our western minds imposing our dualistic way of looking at the world upon these passages. We believe God and the light are separate since God is spiritual and light is physical. The fact is God is light and light is God. As modern physics studies light and its unique characteristics are continually revealed, its resemblance to our perception of God continually grows. Light is a unique phenomenon.

It has characteristics of both waves and particles. Light is made up of things we call photons. Going back to Isaac Newton, a photon was thought of as a particle. In our high school chemistry classes, most of us learned that sub-atomic particles, like electrons and protons, were like little balls of matter and this was as small as we could go. Protons and neutrons make up the nucleus of an atom just as the sun is the center, nucleus, of our solar system.

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Electrons orbit the nucleus of an atom just as the planets orbit around the sun. Photons were thought of the same way. They were little balls moving very fast, , miles per second, in fact. The planetary model of the atom was simple to understand and all these little balls of matter moving at high speed were something we could easily visualize. The problem is, it doesnt work. In the latter nineteenth century, a physicist named James Maxwell was doing some experiments with electromagnetism. In the process he Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics came to the realization that a self-reinforcing electromagnetic field, one which does not require magnets or electricity to produce or sustain it, has a speed equal to that of the speed of light.

Therefore light must be an electromagnetic wave as opposed to a particle. He built on the work of Thomas Young who did an experiment that demonstrated the wave like properties of light. The experiment was simple. He put three boards in a row, one with one slit, the second with two and the third to see the projected light. If only one slit was covered, the light went through and there was a diffused oval on the third board. This is similar to light coming through a window and being projected onto a wall in roughly the same shape as the window with the brightest area where the light comes directly in the window and a gradually diffused area of light around it.

When both slits were opened one would expect two ovals on the projection sheet but that is not what happened at all. The wall was illuminated with alternating bands of darkness and light.

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The focus of the present work is nonrelativistic and relativistic quantum mechanics with standard applications to the hydrogen atom. The author has aimed at. Buy Quantum Mechanics: Genesis and Achievements on ipateqaq.tk ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

The center band between the two slits was brightest and dark bands were on either side then two bands of slightly less light then dark bands etc. The key for him was that the light going through two slits interfered with one another just like waves do. One can see a similar effect at the ocean as waves go through narrow inlets or around several objects, they refract slightly and when they meet up they may cancel each other out if a. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics crest meets a trough or amplify one another if a crest meets a crest. Light waves are the basis for many of the things we use everyday such as televisions and radios as well as in medical diagnosis-CAT scans, Xrays and procedures-lasers.

Our own experience also tells us that light is massless. It can be created by turning on a light and destroyed by turning it off. Particles dont do this. So Newton was wrong, right? Physicist Phillip Lenard in did some experiments that showed just the opposite. He shone light at a piece of metal and noticed how the photons, acting like little balls, knocked electrons out of their orbits at a certain energy level that corresponded with the wavelength of light used.

A year later, Max Plank found that atoms could only absorb light in lumps of certain sizes and calculated this amount exactly called Planks constant. Albert Einstein brought it all together by suggesting and mathematically supporting the idea that a beam of light of any frequency is really a stream of particles, photons, which have a certain amount of energy.

He received the Nobel Prize for this work in So Newton was right after all? As it turns out, everyone is right and light acts like both a wave and a particle, something rather confusing to our western minds. A particle is something defined by its location in space and whatever volume it may have. It is something real, something we can see, touch or taste or smell. Waves on the other hand, defy that kind of definition. They stretch on forever so there is no one point at which they exist.

Yet light behaves like both of them at times. And to make things even more confusing, the behavior of light, and many other particles, depends on what we are looking for. If we are looking for light to behave as a particle, it will. But when we are not looking, it will behave like a wave. The reverse is also true. In a real sense, there is no objective experiment we can perform to describe light or any other. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics elementary particle as our objective affects the outcome. Easterners have always understood that there is no such thing as an objective observer, that the process of observing something will always affect it in some way.

Perspective is everything and everything is unified. But we learned that back in verse two. God is both light and dark, good and evil. Now, because God is defined as light, God is both wave and particle. It all depends on our perspective and what we are looking for. As a matter of fact, no. But one has to keep in mind that if we limit intelligence to our experience, what we think of as intelligence, we are doing what the Bible itself warns against.

My ways are not your ways In fact, if we try to impose our ideas of intelligence, justice or logic on the God presented in the Bible, inconsistencies pop up everywhere, as we shall see as we proceed through Genesis. Now lets bring Thomas Youngs double slit experiment up to date and do it with single photons. Lets cover one slit and fire a proton at it. We will notice that it now hits the wall at a place where our previous experiment with two slits open was dark.

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We keep firing photons we will notice that the same diffused oval appears as in our first experiment. Now we open the second slit and fire one photon at a time. Yet when we open both slits and fire one individual photon after another Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics recording the results over time we get the same bands of light and darkness as in our previous experiment. The only way this is possible is if the photon knows that the other slit is open even if it did not go through it and although no other photon went through it at the same time to interfere with it, it acts as though there was.

Does it know that another photon went ahead of it and another will be coming behind and is therefore interfering with the memory or the future action of another photon? How did it get this information? Physicist E. Walker says, Consciousness may be associated with all quantum mechanical processes. Since everything that occurs is ultimately the result of one or more quantum mechanical events, the universe is inhabited by an almost unlimited number of rather discrete conscious, usually non-thinking entities that are responsible for the detailed working of the universe.

Photons are also doing other things that we usually associate with God. For example, we know that it is God that provides the form and cohesion for the universe. These sub-atomic fields are divided into categories in several ways. One of them is into what are called pheromones and bosuns. The fields corresponding to pheromones protons, neutrons, Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics electrons produce what we know as the material world. The other kinds, corresponding to bosuns photons, muons, pions produce the interactions that hold the world together. Light and other related particles provide the cohesion and forces that on a macro level, make the world as we know it work.

Here is another example of this. The electron is not just a ball of something moving through space. The process of magnetism is now being explained by these virtual photons. For example, when two electrons get close enough to each other they begin exchanging these photons and this exchange results in their repulsion. The photon leaves the first electron, pushing it back and the second electron absorbs the photon, moving in the opposite direction.

One of the tasks of modern physics is the development of a theory that will explain all the forces gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak forces into one package. The ideas surrounding light may provide some of the cohesion for such a theory. The Powers saw the beauty of the light and he divided the Powers between the ordered light and the chaotic darkness.

If we can get our minds around it, this verse will go a long way towards giving us an understanding of, and peace with, the world we all would like to have. We will no longer be at odds with the world around us because of our incorrect assumptions and perceptions. It gives us an accurate picture of the Creator and defines how that Creator operates in the world.

The world as it began is naturally chaotic, a mix of darkness and light. From this starting point Ayn Soph brings light and order into the chaos and darkness. The powers, Elohim, are bystanders in this verse yet are intimately involved. They are the light and the darkness. They are opposite yet complimentary. The division between the two is imposed by Ayn Soph, it is artificial. This concept is perfectly illustrated in the story of Passover. YHVH is the one who goes throughout Egypt and strikes the firstborn 17, but it is also YHVH who stands at the door of the Israelite home and protects it from the destroyer Exodus also states, YHVH will not allow the destroyer to come into your houses to strike you.

Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics are echad, a unity, and it is this unity that makes the created order what it is. We have been working toward this understanding of God as the unifying force in all of creation, as light and darkness, good and evil. God is creation and encompasses all things. This verse makes clear what the previous verses have begun. Admittedly, this understanding of God is not what we all learned in Sunday School, but such an understanding will make a lot more sense, not only in making sense of the Bible but also in our daily lives.

No longer will we live with a fickle God whom we cannot make sense of, who acts in ways that to us are unpredictable. Deep down dont we say, if I were God, Id do That is because we think God is like us, only better. What we have seen so far says that God is nothing like us, yet is within us and all things. It has intelligence, but it is unlike ours. This may be unnerving to some but what follows is some more of the answer to what this unifying, creative force is really like.

Scientifically, this can be described by two opposing forces. The first is nucleic bonding or what physicists refer to as the strong force. Every elementary school student knows that opposite magnetic poles attract and like poles repel. A positive one called a proton and a negative one called an electron. Protons form the core of the atom and the electrons orbit around them like the planets around the sun.

Centrifugal force and magnetic attraction keep the electrons in orbit. The problem comes when an atom contains more than one proton, all of which have a positive charge, and are grouped together in a clump called the nucleus. No one knows what keeps them bound together because they should naturally fly apart. Scientists call this phenomenon nucleic bonding or the strong force.

The four major forces in the world-gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak forces-simply are, they exist. Scientists can quantify them, understand their rules, but as to what actually makes them. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics work is still a mystery. We understand this as the imposition of Ayn Soph; it is the power that binds the world together. It is the presence of the divine in everything that exists. This constant action is necessary because of a second scientific law, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which, as we stated earlier, basically states that all systems deteriorate over time if no new energy is introduced.

This law tells us that the world would return to the primordial chaotic state if Ayn Soph would cease exercising its power. The rest of the Bible, from this point forward, is the story of the imposed order vs. We have already described the cyclical nature of this deterioration and renewal. Paul says in II Thessalonians that there is a restrainer that is taken away before the man of wickedness is revealed. Before the chaos of judgment, that which imposes order is taken away the restrainer.

Before the flood, man lived a lot longer and by applying the Second Law of Thermodynamics in a moral sense, he had a much longer lifespan to slide into evil and chaos, he had more time to become wicked. By limiting his life, God keeps man from becoming too evil if he chooses not to try to impose light power in his life. This is our duty, to reflect the light and order of the Creator in our lives and keep ourselves from sliding into chaos. In the origin of creation, as we see in this verse, there was a balance between the order and chaos; they were in harmony, in shalom.

The amount of energy being infused into creation offset the trend to chaos, and things were living and growing properly without a constant deterioration. That is why it was good. We have translated tov as beauty because to the ancient Hebrew mind, that which functions properly is beautiful. With proper balance between the Elohim of light and the Elohim of darkness, between the imposed order and underlying chaos, everything was working as it was supposed to.

Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics This discussion of Elohim or God as darkness may be problematic to some yet we know there is a negative and a positive to all things, scientifically, morally, spiritually, etc. Our dualistic western mind sees the negatives as bad and to be avoided or eliminated. We see the positives as good and to be accepted or sought. The eastern mind sees the negatives and positives as the two necessary ingredients for balance, or shalom.

In a magnet there are positive and negative charges yet we do not assign moral value to either one. They are necessary components of the whole. In the same way, darkness is negative and light is positive. Both are necessary for perfect shalom. Pure darkness is chaos resulting in blindness. Pure light is also chaos as it brings blindness.

Only by a balance of the two can one see. The world of quantum physics has substantiated this idea that at the most basic level of creation there is chaos, that things operate by pure chance which is what made Einstein reject many of the ideas of quantum mechanics. In our last verse we saw that photons and other elementary particles have the characteristics of both waves and particles. If we want to find a particle that is like a wave, we have to confine the wave somehow, we have to take a pure, infinite wave and limit it. Through something called Fourier analysis we can produce a combination of waves that cancel each other out except for in specifically designed regions of space called a wave packet.

If it could be made small enough, the location of a single photon or electron could be found. But to do so, the particles unique wavelength, that which gives it direction and momentum, has been corrupted to the point where knowledge of where it will be next is very uncertain. The point of this is that by knowing more about a particle s location, we know less about its momentum and direction.

The more we know about direction and momentum, the less we know about location. It is impossible to know both the location and momentum of a sub-atomic particle with precision. Because of this uncertainty we cannot know. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics the direction or location of a particle and therefore we cannot know where it will be from one moment to the next. This is not the only uncertain relationship in the world of subatomic particles. The relationship between time and energy is just as uncertain.

The more we know about time, the less we know of energy and vice versa. For example, a particle may have a certain range of energy at a given moment but it could find the energy to break out of an orbit or escape the nucleus or any number of unpredictable or unusual things.

Another example would be the path a particle takes to get from point A to point B. The Newtonian concept of such a situation would be that the particle would follow a trajectory determined by velocity, gravity and direction, among other things. While groups of particles generally behave in certain ways probability , enough so that the world we live in is rather predictable, the underlying structure is uncertain and chaotic.

For a long time science said no. All things work according to physical laws we can discover and understand. Anything unexplained was relegated to the realm of pseudoscience. Weird happenings, things some call miraculous, were swept under the rug, not talked about by serious and educated people. But what if the uncertainty of the quantum level does govern our lives here in the world we can see?

What if I ran myself into a solid Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics wall enough times several billion to find that one odd occurrence in probability that I would go through it rather than bounce off it. Now on our level, the probabilities of a certain course of action are very great, most likely, greater than a billion to one.

But with 5 billion people on the planet and a nearly infinite combination of circumstances surrounding each one, the likelihood of odd things happening, of people experiencing the very small probabilities happening, becomes much more likely. Even more intriguing is the idea that perhaps we can put the odds more in our favor, that there are things we can do to increase the likelihood of the small probabilities and perform miracles. You may have read all of this and wondered what the big deal is, why was this verse so crucial, how does it help me now?

Think harder. We have eliminated dualism, the idea that there is a separation between the physical and spiritual. We have dethroned a personal God and expanded the idea of God to an intelligence unlike ours that is both infinitely transcendent and intimately connected with all things. We have stated that light and dark, evil and good are both interwoven in the fabric of God and creation. So how do we look at the world, our place in it and what do we look for when we ask moral and religious questions.

First, we must recognize that the ultimate objective is to bring about harmony and balance between all things. For example, natural processes are not good and evil; they are just the natural worlds way of maintaining balance. We look on such things as evil when we have surrounded ourselves with an artificial order that is in conflict with the.

Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics natural order.

An earthquake in a major city is usually seen as a bad thing. The earthquake itself is simply the earth restoring balance where there was tension. The loss of life comes from people creating an artificial environment, a city, in a place where these things are likely to happen. If everyone lived in tents like the nomads of Avrahams time and an earthquake happened, the losses would be minimal. When tall buildings and bridges and other manmade structures collapse, the losses in life and property are much greater and we think it is bad.

A religious person may even postulate it was the judgment of God. It was no such thing. It was the earth doing what it does and people suffering the consequences of creating an artificial order at odds with the natural one. During the dust bowl of the s, a severe drought occurred in the prairies of the United States and Canada that completely wiped out the crops and dried out the soil. When the winds blew, it picked up this soil and carried for miles as dark clouds of dust, sometimes taking it as far as the Atlantic Ocean. This event wreaked havoc on the inhabitants of the area, not only by destroying their crops, but literally burying them in dust.

In record numbers these people went to their churches and prayed to God to deliver them from what they believed to be a natural catastrophe. What these farmers did not realize at the time was that they had completely upset the balance of that region and they themselves created the catastrophe. In its natural state, the prairies were covered with native grasses that covered the soil. The leaves of these grasses shaded the soil keeping the moisture in the soil and its roots held the soil in place.

When people began to farm this land they removed all the native grasses upsetting this balance and when the drought struck the area, the barren soil quickly dried out and was blown away by the winds. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics The eastern mind understands these natural processes and tries to live in harmony with it while the western mind seeks to impose an artificial order and insulate itself from the natural world.

The farther we insulate ourselves from the natural world, the more catastrophic the results when our artificial construct meets the irresistible corrective force of the universe. Death is a part of life, part of the natural cycle of things. In the west, we do our best to insulate ourselves from it and avoid it at all costs.

It is devastating when someone close to us experiences it because it is so foreign to us. In the east, and in the Bible, death is seen as part of life. When the patriarchs die it is with final blessings for their families in a serene environment. Perhaps this contrast between eastern and western thought in this respect is a bit misleading when discussing this idea of natural vs.

It is more a contrast between the nomad and the city-state. The nomadic lifestyle was a simple one whose footprint on the world around him was very small. His possessions were very limited; he had to be able to move them with ease. He used only those resources that were necessary for life and his leisure was simple. He was attuned to the natural world around him, he had to be. The weather, the fauna, even the animals needed to be read and understood, his life was dependent on it.

He could adapt easily because he was mobile and adaptable. The primary social unit was the family, immediate and extended. He was free, but also ultimately responsible for his own safety and survival. The city-state, in contrast, was a social unit made up of many unrelated individuals who sacrificed their freedom for the apparent safety of numbers and the means of protection they could fabricate.

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Their primary loyalty, and their firstfruits, belonged to the city-state government and not themselves or their family. They were, by their. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics very nature, static; physically and spiritually. Physically, because they built permanent structures. Their footprint in the world becomes much larger in terms of resources used and wasted. In times of drought or crisis they couldnt easily pick up and move to greener pastures. They also had more stuff because, as we know through experience, the longer one stays in one place the more one accumulates and the more one becomes attached to the accumulated things.

The decision that we cant live without it may just lead to that result. Lots wife comes to mind. City people also become specialized in the division of labor. In a crisis, this means that the community will be unable to do some important things if the specialists like the food producers or warriors are no longer available.

Spiritually, used in the broadest sense, they also become static. They are not easily adaptable to new ways of thinking or doing because the monotony of their surroundings and daily lives dulls their ability to change. Weve always done it this way. Cult religion forms in this environment, usually as a way for a certain person or group to maintain political control leading to slavery of the populace.

As the population grew other problems arose. Sanitation becomes a problem. People living in close proximity spread disease easily. The desire to accumulate leads to greed which leads to war. Our western society, whose methods and values have spread across the globe, is the epitome of this and its problems are magnified. Our footprint had lead to environmental catastrophes in many places.

The production of so much useless stuff creates so much waste. We live anonymously in a world completely dependent on technology. The same technology that results in disease we never knew and a level of government oppression never before possible. If the plug was ever pulled, if literally there was no electricity for example, the vast majority of the people in western style societies would be dead within. Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics a few weeks.

Do you know how to provide food for yourself outside of a grocery store? Do you know how to protect yourself and your family from the total social meltdown that would result? Could you mentally adapt to a life without instant communication or money? What about shelter? These are things we think we have a right to in our society, someone is responsible for making sure we have the things we need and it isnt us - its society government.

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